Paid Media For Wefunder Campaigns

Hello! I’m Dustin and over the past 12 years I have been helping companies design, plan and optimize paid media & growth marketing campaigns.  Paid media can help jumpstart your Wefunder campaign and introduce your brand to large audience of potential investors. 

Paid ads are a great way to bring in incremental investors to your campaign. Ads will help amplify your other marketing campaigns while bringing new prospective investors to your campaign page. 

Services for Wefunder campaigns

Paid Media Campaign Management

Facebook and Instagram provide unbeatable scale to introduce your campaigns to potential investors. This includes day to day management of your paid campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google etc.


Configuration of campaigns analytics including Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads and custom reporting.

Creative Guidance

What type of ads to try and what messaging should you use.

Onetime Campaign Launch

Get help with the initial planning and launch of your campaign. Including how to configure your campaigns and how to set up the Facebook pixel and Conversions API.

This is a one time fee to get your campaign ready to launch.  You or your internal team will manage the media throughout the duration of your campaign on Wefunder.

Schedule a discovery call

Not sure if ads will work with your campaign? Want to learn more about the process? Or see if we would be a fit to work together? Schedule a 30 minute discovery call.  

Below is a discussion between Justin Renfro of Wefunder and myself about the role of paid media in equity crowdfunding campaigns. This video was recored several months ago so some of the information, especially around tracking may no longer be relevant.

Wefunder Paid Media Discussion

Wefunder Paid Media Discussion

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Paid media management and optimization.  The majority of budgets are spent on Facebook and Instagram. Other platforms would include Google and YouTube.  There may also be times when traffic is sent to a custom landing page on your domain to capture leads.

What are your fees?

$1,500 per month or 10.5% of managed ad spend, whichever is greater. All campaign management services are offered on a month to month basis.

Can you help with just the set up?

Yes, that is part of the project launch package. This includes configuring the Facebook pixel, Conversions API, and setting up the Aggregated Event Measurement tool. 

Do you provide creative?

No, creative would be provided by you or another 3rd party. I would be more than happy to work with your team to provide ideas for creative to use during your campaign.

What is the average return on ad spend (ROAS)?

Between 3x- 6x. This is highly dependent on the company, industry, creative and market conditions.

How is this tracked?

Update July 2022

Wefunder has released an update to their Facebook Conversions API solution.  While there will still be gaps in what Facebook can track (You can thank Apple for that) this new update should greatly improve the amount of investments being tracked.

How you configure CAPI has changed and there are a few additional steps now required. The update instructions can be found here.

Tracking purchases and investment value in Facebook ads manager has become more difficult and unreliable in since Apple’s privacy updates released in iOS 14.5. More information about this chance can be found here.

With these privacy & measurements updates you are now limited on what can be tracked on a 3rd party domain ( Conversion tracking for opted out users is now handled through Facebook’s Aggregated Event Measurement, more information here.

To measure the efficiency of ads we would track conversions through Facebook ads manager, conversions in Google Analytics and track all investment value over time to measure blended ROAS.

Depending on your Facebook Pixel and Facebook Conversions API configuration we will likely be able to optimize campaigns for a conversion such as purchase, initiate checkout or leads. Running link click or landing page view campaigns is not recommend. 

What is blended ROAS?

Blended ROAS is simply all revenue (investment value) / ad spend across all channels. Channels would include Facebook/Instagram, Google, YouTube etc.

How much do you recommend spending?

I recommend starting with a budget of between $100 – $200 a day to test creative and messaging. Once you have found winning ads I scaling the budget slowly until the efficacy of those ads begins to decline. 

What type of audiences do you target?

Initially the mix would approximately 80% prospecting ads, targeting people who have never had an interaction with you and 20% for remarketing. Remarketing would include people who have been to your website, interacted with your social profiles, or who are on your email list. We can upload a list of existing investors and exclude that audiences from seeing the ads again.

If you have a large remarketing pool and have other marketing channels for your campaign we may decide to allocate more budget to remarketing.

Does this budget mix change over time?

Yes, especially during the last two weeks of your campaign. During the final weeks of your campaign the majority of your budget will be moved in your remarketing campaign.

Can you help set up Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel on our Wefunder page?

Yes and this is included ongoing campaign management and the onetime project launch package.